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Hottest gadgets for the hottest summer trips – YugaTech | Philippines, Tech News & Reviews

Hottest gadgets for the hottest summer trips

Summer is just around the corner and we all know what that means – out of town trips. Whether you’re going to the beach, trekking up the mountains, or simply setting off to an adventure, here are a few gadgets that you might want to bring along.

Let’s start the list, shall we?

Nikon 1 AW1

Nikon’s 1 AW1 is the company’s first waterproof mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. It is waterproof for up to 15 meters, shockproof up to 2 meters high and freezeproof to temperatures as low as -10°C so you can be pretty confident of bringing this tough camera anywhere you go.

Braven BRV-1

Source: Braven

The Braven BRV-1 is a tough water-resistant Bluetooth speaker, portable charger, and speakerphone all wrapped up in one device. It blasts music for up to 12 hours on a single charge and as mentioned, can charge other devices with its 5200mAh battery.

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet

Source: Sony

If watching movies on a beach with the sunset as background is your idea of relaxation, then perhaps you might want to check out the Xperia Z2 Tablet. It boasts processing powers that ensure media playback is lagless, while its waterproof body eliminates the worry of accidentally getting it wet – heck, you can even use it to play videos underwater if you want to show off.

Otterbox iPhone5 Armor Series

Source: Otterbox

Want to take your iPhone 5 for a swim? Pop it inside one of Otterbox’s waterproof, dust-proof, crush-proof, and drop-proof cases. Once inside, your iPhone can be submerged up to 6.6 feet up to 30 minutes, dropped to concrete from 10 feet, and withstand 2 tons of pressure.

X-1 Flex

Source: X-1

The X-1 Flex all-sport buds is your music buddy in the water. Surf with it, go kayaking, or do any of your water sports while listening to your favorite tunes to complete your summer getaway. These earphones could stay underwater for as long as 30 minutes.



Need to stay juiced but no outlets are around while camping? TECEVO’s Camo power bank carries 7800mAh of battery to charge your smartphones, tablets, or GPS when you’re on the move. It is also waterproof and shock-proof so it can handle all the bumps and thumps of your adventures.

Samsung Galaxy S5


Of course there’s a smartphone included on this list and it’s Samsung’s latest flagship. The Galaxy S5, as you probably all know, is IP67-certified making it one of the latest rugged smartphones today. Take photos, videos, and stay connected with your friends through social media even if you’re far away from the city.

GoPro Hero 3+

Source: GoPro

For all the outdoorsy, thrill-seeking individuals out there, GoPro is a must. Put it on your head or chest, place it on cars, bikes, or surf boards — it can basically be attached in different places with its wide selection of mounts. The Hero 3+ can shoot up to 4K video resolution, has a wider viewing angle, and better low light performance than its predecessor.

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