RoomScan: Measure Your Room By Tapping Your iPhone On The Walls | Cult of Mac

RoomScan: Measure Your Room By Tapping Your iPhone On The Walls

Charlie Sorrel (1:10 am PDT, Mar 24th)

RoomScan is a crazy app that seems like it should never work. It lets you use your iPhone to measure the rooms in your home and turn them into floor plans, and all you have to do is walk around and tap the iPhone on the walls.

Start it up (making sure you’re not connected to an AirPlay speaker, because the app ramps up the volume and speaks instructions on launch), and follow along. To measure a room, even one that’s not a regular rectangle, you just place the iPhone on a wall, wait for the beep and move to the next wall.

At the end, you should overlap the first wall. That is, you should tap the first wall, and then continue and tap the second again. Then press “finish” and you’re done. The app generates a room plan, and tells you the lengths of the walls and the area of the floor, in meters or feet.

RoomScan also works on the iPad, with an optimised interface for the bigger screen. And if you need more accuracy, you can measure on of the walls, input the measurement and the app will use it to recalculate the other numbers.

Most apartments in Germany are advertised for rental with pictures and a floor-plan, so this might not be necessary for me, but it is fun. The app is free, and if you want to scan your entire home and stitch the rooms into whole floor-plans, you can pay $5.



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